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Date Change for March 5th McDavid Estates HOA Board Meeting to Tuesday April 9, 2024
Posted on Feb 23rd, 2024 Comments (0)
Date Change for March 5, 2024, McDavid Estates HOA Board Of Meeting 
New Date for HOA Board Meeting to be Tuesday April 9, 2024. 
The March HOA Board meeting has been rescheduled to give HOA Board members and HOA residents the opportunity to attend their respective party Precinct Conventions, which occur after the polls close on Election Day March 5th.
HOA Board President 
HOA Dues Reminder
Posted on Jan 30th, 2024 Comments (0)
McDavid Estates Homeowners,
The 2024 HOA Dues Notification letter/billing was mailed mid-January to all homeowners.  
If you did not receive this notice you should immediately contact Acclaim Management Group at 817-684-3437 and request billing information.
Please remember that your payment must be received by Acclaim Management Group on or before February 29, 2024.
On March 1, 2024, unpaid dues will be considered delinquent and subject to late fees and penalties.
Thank You for your support of the McDavid Estates HOA.
HOA President
4th of July Parade
Posted on Jun 1st, 2023 Comments (0)
Celebrate the 4th of July with your friends and fellow neighbors showing the “Spirit of 1776” by participating in the subdivision’s annual 4th of July Parade and Celebration!
This year JULY The 4th falls on a Tuesday and once more the Parade will kick off at 10AM to be followed by everyone having an opportunity to “lick” the heat with free Ice Cream served at parade’s end.
Full details will be “Fourth” coming to be posted on the McDavid Estates web site and by email (if you have “signed up” to receive emails from the HOA).
See you on the 4th!
P. T. Wright 
President, McDavid Estates HOA
Notice To Homeowners - Possibility for Fiber Optics in McDavid EstatesĀ 
Posted on May 12th, 2023 Comments (0)
Notice To Homeowners - Possibility for Fiber Optics in McDavid Estates 
The McDavid Estates HOA Board Of Directors has received a request from OpenInfra (OI), a company that installs fiber optic infrastructure, to approve OI’s canvasing McDavid Home owners to determine the level of interest in having OI install a fiber optic network in McDavid Estates. 
Homeowners are not obligated to participate in this canvasing.
OI is not required to get this Board approval. It would appear that this request is a good will measure on OI’s part to ensure that the HOA Board and McDavid homeowners have advance notice of OI’s plan to canvas for interest and with enough interest “sell” their services to those homeowners wishing to have fiber optics brought to their home.
This notice is not an endorsement of OpenInfra or its offering. The Board did not request the company to install a fiber optic network. 
The HOA will not be responsible for any costs of OI’s network installation or services. Therefore, if this network were to be installed it will not result in an increase of HOA dues.
The “internet” has become an important part of our ability to communicate, work and play. Thus, it should be up to McDavid homeowners to decide for themselves if they need this product. Those homeowners who do not wish to participate in this offer will not have to pay anything.    
The Board realized that this “opportunity” comes with a lot of questions, and we were pleased that OpenInfra was willing to answer questions raised. The below link will take you to a listing of those questions/answers. We hope that having this information will help you be better prepared, for when you are contacted by OI, to determine your interest in “buying” their product. 
ALL Homeowners should find these questions/answers beneficial since they address/clarify issues that all homeowners may wish to know concerning this topic. 
Finally, at the next HOA Board Meeting, June 6, 2023, the Board will review the status of OpenInfra’s offer during the New Business portion of its agenda. As HOA members, homeowners are always entitled to attend.
P.T.Wright, President
McDavid Estates HOA
FAQs were developed by Jared Benson, HOA Treasurer.
Looking for Winter Help!
Posted on Dec 8th, 2022 Comments (0)
Hi all,
We are in need of a few more helpers to apply ice melt to the front of our neighborhood this winter  in the early mornings.  Our front entrance can turn slick with freezing temperatures and create a slide for cars that ends in the middle of FM5 which we would like to avoid!!!  If you would like to assist, please contact Laura Tague at
Thank you,
Laura Tague